About me


Sabrina Inderbitzi


Video Editor

Underwater Videographer

Drone Pilot

Nature Lover

Dive Enthusiast




I started working as a Video Editor in 2008. Since 2011 I edit for SRF (Swiss National TV) and I work for TPC AG, the leading Broadcast Company in Switzerland. Since 2017 I do underwater shootings for SRF and I’m a licenced drone pilot.

Already as a 12 year old my passion of filming started with a school project. Over months and later years I lay in the fields with my dads camera to film wild animals and I waited for hours for the animals to come out. Those where the moments when I got infected by the passion for film. I started editing at home as a hobby and after a Filmschool and an Internship I got my first a Job as a Video Editor. Later another passion turned up. My passion for diving and the ocean. So I started to combine this two in one: Underwater filming and travelling the world on that purpose.

I’m an enthusiastic person. If I do something I do it with passion and excitement and I give hundred percent for it. I love people around me to exchange thoughts on a project or a product. I’m convinced that just a good team is leading to the highest possible product and my daily work as a Video Editor proves me right every day.

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